IV Therapy and Back Pain

In many cases of chronic (lasting three months or more) back pain, vitamin D insufficiency in individuals is a common factor. Research shows that once vitamin D is given to patients, the pain is either eliminated or significantly reduced. In a peer reviewed study by Stewart B. Leavitt, 360 patients with back pain took vitamin D for three months and by the end of the three months 95% of the patients had lower amounts of pain. 

There are many ways to get your daily dose of Vitamin D including spending time in the sun, egg yolks, milk, or taking supplements. A form that directly gives your body the nutrients it needs, in the fastest way possible, is IV Therapy. This form of therapy will give you the vitamin boost you need as well as rehydrate your body.

To find more information about IV Therapy, contact Harmonizing Clinic and Cosmetic Center available on ChiroProviders.com. 

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